If the medium is the message, would McLuhan like PowerPoint?

From Duarte: Marshall McLuhan was one of the earliest scholars to discuss the changing nature of media in the elec­tronic age and today would have been his 100th birthday. Famous for coining the phrase “the medium is the message,” he devoted a great deal of atten­tion to explaining how tele­vi­sion changed the way the audi­ence under­stands and partic­i­pates in content. In his commen­tary on the landing of Sputnik, he called this new type of viewer a “simul­ta­neous man” who prefers “flex­i­bility and diver­sity” and lives in a “global theatre.” “On Space­ship Earth there are no passen­gers; every­body is a member of the crew.” He unpacked some of these ideas on the tele­vi­sion program Our World in 1967. · Go to If the medium is the message, would McLuhan like Power­Point? →

Enemy lurks in briefings on Afghan war

From NY Times: Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the leader of Amer­ican and NATO forces in Afghanistan, was shown a Power­Point slide in Kabul last summer that was meant to portray the complexity of Amer­ican mili­tary strategy, but looked more like a bowl of spaghetti. “When we under­stand that slide, we’ll have won the war,” General McChrystal dryly remarked, one of his advisers recalled, as the room erupted in laughter. · Go to Enemy lurks in brief­ings on Afghan war →

Ron Galloway: Rethinking PowerPoint

Rethinking Power­point is a feature film that about one of the world’s most used, and misused soft­ware prod­ucts. Power­point is on over 300 million computers world­wide, and esti­mates are more than 2 million presen­ta­tions are given using the soft­ware each week. Despite the enor­mity of its user base, most presen­ters simply default to the typical template-driven, bullet point struc­ture when preparing slides. Rethinking Power­point is a film focused on pointing out the prob­lems with most presen­ta­tions, and helping users of Power­point use the program to its full poten­tial. · Go to Ron Galloway: Rethinking Power­Point →

Can your Powerpoint Presentation Rival TV Advertising?

From Psychotac­tics: Do you ever wonder why some Power­Point Presen­ta­tions are so much better than others? Why do some have amazing powers of persua­sion, while others simply bore you to death? TV commer­cials use these marketing strate­gies to hold and fasci­nate their viewers. You can too, if you follow these tried and proven tech­niques. · Go to Can your Power­point Presen­ta­tion Rival TV Adver­tising? →

Steve Jobs’ presentation secrets: Fifteen strategies you can employ now

From Busi­ness­Week: In his new book, The Presen­ta­tion Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audi­ence, commu­ni­ca­tions coach and Busi­ness­Week colum­nist Carmine Gallo reveals the tech­niques that have turned the Apple CEO into one of the world’s most extra­or­di­nary commu­ni­ca­tors. For more than three decades, Jobs has trans­formed product launches into an art form. In this slide show, learn what Jobs does to capti­vate his audi­ence and how you can use his tech­niques to pitch your own company, service, product, or ideas. · Go to Steve Jobs’ presen­ta­tion secrets: Fifteen strate­gies you can employ now →