The paradox of innovation

From The Heart of Innovation: Organizations want structures, maps, models, guidelines, and systems. On the other hand, that's all too often the stuff that squelches innovation, driving it underground or out the door. True innovation is about allowing room enough for paradox to be a teacher and guide — and to accept, at least for a little longer than usual, ambiguity, dissonance, and discomfort — the age-old precursors to breakthrough. · Go to The paradox of innovation →

The Stockdale Paradox: How optimism creates resilience

From Big Think: The Stockdale Paradox really defines the optimism that is most important in becoming a resilient person and that is, when you're faced with a challenge or a trauma, you look at that challenge objectively. You might make the assessment, 'I'm in really big trouble.' You have a realistic assessment of what you're facing. On the other hand, you have the attitude and the confidence to say, 'But I will prevail. I'm in a tough spot, but I will prevail.' That is the optimism that relates to resilience.  · Go to The Stockdale Paradox: How optimism creates resilience →

Vincent Kenny: Ecology of mind

Vincent Kenny is the Director of the Institute of Constructivist Psychology in Dublin and the Director of the Accademia Costruttivista di Terapia Sistemica in Rome. He works internationally as an organizational consultant applying the framework of systemic constructivism for the improvement of human living and working in organizations, in families, in individuals.

This he does specifically in relation to dissolving inertia, difficulties, unhappiness and paradoxes within networks of conversations and in the joint construction of novel sharable viable human futures.

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