#Unplug: Baratunde Thurston left the internet for 25 days, and you should too

From Fast­Com­pany: I have left the Internet. I’m on vaca­tion. That means no social media updates, responses, check-ins, likes, taps, pokes, noogies, tickles, or head locks. I’m going to prac­tice looking people in the eye and not checking my email or… · Go to #Unplug: Baratunde Thurston left the internet for 25 days, and you should too →

#Unplug: The complete, print­able guide — Step-by-step instruc­tions for ditching your devices and navi­gating the world without an Internet connec­tion.

When is the best time to #Unplug? — Taking time away from the digital world is essen­tial, but finding that time can be diffi­cult.

How to completely #Unplug your morning routine — Most days are abuzz with activity. Which is why you need to begin them with calm.

How to broad­cast your plan to #Unplug — When you’re ready for your digital detox, here’s how to send friends and colleagues “smoke signals” letting them know that you’re taking a break from connected life. And that you haven’t died.

#Unplug: The 4 biggest temp­ta­tions to replug during your digital detox — Unplug­ging from the online world can be incred­ibly rewarding. It can also be incred­ibly chal­lenging. Here’s how to quiet the urge to browse and quiet the siren song of social media.

Help create an email charter

From Chris Anderson: Houston, we have a problem. We all love the power of email connecting people across conti­nents. But… we’re drowning in it. Every year it gets a little worse. To the point where we can get trapped spending most of our working week simply handling the contents of our in-boxes. Here is the key cause of this problem: The total time taken to respond to an email is often MORE than the time it took to create it. · Go to Help create an email charter →