Conversation Cafe

Vicki Robin, a pioneer in the volun­tary simplicity move­ment, came up with the idea of using the conver­sa­tion cafe model in attempts to take her ideas of simpler living to a higher level. Her orga­ni­za­tion has more than 60 trained cafe hosts and has spre… · Go to Conver­sa­tion Cafe →

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Consensus Conference

The Danish Board of Tech­nology has used Consensus Confer­ences more than any other entity, in order to ensure that citi­zens of Denmark have a say in highly tech­nical govern­ment deci­sions. There is no single orga­ni­za­tion or entity promoting this process,… · Go to Consensus Confer­ence →

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Citizens Juries

Since 1974, the Jefferson Center has conducted Citizen Juries at the local, state and national levels. In a Citi­zens Jury, a randomly selected, demo­graph­i­cally repre­sen­ta­tive panel of citi­zens, which serve as a micro­cosm of the public, meet to care­full… · Go to Citi­zens Juries →

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Citizen Choicework

Founded in 1975 by social scien­tist Daniel Yankelovich and former Secre­tary of State Cyrus Vance, Public Agenda prepares educa­tional mate­rials that help explain policy to the public in a balanced and easily under­stood way. Citi­zens use this infor­ma­tion… · Go to Citizen Choice­work →

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21st Century Town Meeting

Promoting the founding belief that every citizen has a right to impact the deci­sions of govern­ment, Amer­i­c­aS­peaks serves as a neutral convener of large-scale public partic­i­pa­tion forums. Through close consul­ta­tion with leaders, citi­zens, the media and … · Go to 21st Century Town Meeting →

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