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Site history

date version event
in progress 4.5 add to resources: books, models, ques­tions, quotes
2011 September 4.5 installed version for mobile phone users
2011 July 4.5 opti­mized for Internet Explorer 7 & up
2011 March 4.5 links to face­book, twitter, linkedin
2011 February 4.4 book­mark service now at, add related post links
2011 January 4.3 move e-marketing services to Feed­Blitz, add member signups
2010 September 4.2 web hosting moves to
2010 August 4.1 add book­mark collec­tion from
2010 July 4.0 move site to Word­Press blog­ging plat­form;
redesign Projects to sort by project type and client;
typog­raphy using Typekit
2006 July 3.0 site redesign to XHTML
2006 May 2.4 add e-marketing services through emma
2006 May 2.3 add client collab­o­ra­tion center using Base­camp from 37 Signals
2006 April 2.2 add RSS news feeds using Feed­Blitz
2006 March 2.1 add blog using Typepad
2005 October 2.0 add Cold Fusion
2003 November 1.1 add book­mark sharing through
2002 October 1.0 launch

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