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  • What is your positivity ratio?

What is your positivity ratio?

In a 2005 article in American Psychologist, Barbara Fredrickson and Marcial Losada suggest that ratios of positive to negative emotions above about 3-to-1 and below about 11-to-1 are what humans need to flourish. In separate research studies — Fredrickson on positive emotions and Losada on characteristics of high-performing business teams — each found a 3.0 tipping-point.

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Starting the new year in March

December, January and February 2011-12 flew by at rapid speed, filled with activities to complete projects, entertain house guests, travel and sing a once-in-a-lifetime event. March starts my new year with a few days of reflection on 2011 and futuring about what's next. In case this sounds like your life, here are the starting questions I'm asking myself for this new year.

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What are you reading this summer?

It's been a summer filled with traveling, with more in store the next two weeks. When I travel, I have more time for reading. Here's what I'm packing for this next trip.

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Oprah’s lesson 8: Whispers are always messages

Whispers are always messages, and if you don't hear the message, the message turns into a problem. And if you don't handle the problem, the problem turns into a crisis. And if you don't handle the crisis, disaster. Your life is speaking to you. What is it saying? Paul's response: How loud does the whisper have to be?