From strategy+business: Does the way your company manages its strategy influ­ence the effec­tive­ness of your teams? And does the way you manage teams affect your strategy? We believe the answer to both ques­tions is yes, and in a new research study under way now, we’re testing that hypoth­esis.

You can see the evidence in compa­nies with strategic coher­ence. These are compa­nies with a distinc­tive iden­tity. The few capa­bil­i­ties that make them unique all fit together, supporting a value propo­si­tion that few other compa­nies can match. They choose to go in direc­tions only where their capa­bil­i­ties give them a right to win. Great compa­nies need great capa­bil­i­ties. And inside every company that does things excep­tion­ally well are teams of people working across func­tional bound­aries, year after year, doing things together they couldn’t do alone. · Go to How to design a team to deliver powerful capa­bil­i­ties →