From Branding Strategy Insider: Did it all start in the caves of our earliest ances­tors and their sign language? Or was it in the Wild West where cowboys ‘branded’ their cattle? Or did Josiah Wedge­wood invent the modern concept of branding when he marked his table­ware to command a premium in the 17th century? There are many points of view on what defines the origins of branding, but in the widest sense it is as old as we people are, since it serves our human need for connec­tion as well as distinc­tion. And while our thinking about brands and the roles they play has evolved over more recent decades, most elements of them were there all along – they were just not being analyzed or consciously utilized. For instance, from the very early days a branded good has bestowed a certain aura of sophis­ti­ca­tion or status on its user. It just wasn’t marketed this way then, but rather sold on the merits of its func­tional supe­ri­ority. Because most customers were more inter­ested in factual aspects during times when their func­tional needs weren’t entirely satis­fied yet. · Go to A Brief History Of Branding →