From The Content Strate­gist: Rachel Gogel is not a fan of the term “visual story­telling.” To her, it doesn’t capture the unique chal­lenges designers face when telling a brand’s story.

Gogel, the creative director for The New York Times’s T Brand Studio, is, of course, an expert visual story­teller herself, helping compa­nies tell their stories through native adver­tise­ments. “As people, we are story­tellers,” she explained. “The ques­tion is, how do we use visuals to influ­ence emotion, to get an audi­ence to view your images, to stay and even­tu­ally come back?”

The main goal at the T Brand Studio is to turn brand initia­tives into a narra­tive with the same caliber of reporting as the tradi­tional edito­rial work produced by The New York Times. · Go to Three keys to great content marketing design, according to The New York Times →