From ChangeThis: Marketers don’t generate demand. Great compa­nies spend their time under­standing what and where latent demand exists and build the prod­ucts, services, and user expe­ri­ences that connect to that demand. They delve into their founding prin­ci­ples and develop, invent, or inno­vate goods and services specif­i­cally driven and defined by those prin­ci­ples. Don’t misin­ter­pret this effort. It’s not a matter of chasing market oppor­tu­nity. It’s as much an inward journey as it is recog­ni­tion of the current state of any given market. This is where the mental shift is happening among great compa­nies that are attracting incred­ibly loyal customer bases. They are thinking about markets and the compet­i­tive envi­ron­ment they reside in terms of user expe­ri­ence design. · Go to Stop branding and start acti­vating →