From 9 to 5 mac: Last month, Apple unveiled a new commer­cial for the iPhone and always-on Siri, and now the company has shared a new video show­casing the behind-the-scenes process of making the video. “Go behind the scenes of the commer­cial, with Cookie Monster and everyone’s favorite personal assis­tant, Siri,” Apple teases.

The orig­inal ad, released last month, show­cased the Cookie Monster using an iPhone 6s and hands-free Siri to make cookies. The Cookie Monster used hands-free Siri to control the timer while baking the cookies. In today’s new video, we get a closer look at the actual produc­tion process of the video. You can see some differ­ences between the pre- and post-produc­tion videos, such as the differ­ences in the Cookie Monster’s eyes. · Go to Apple shares new behind-the-scenes video of iPhone 6s Siri ad with the Cookie Monster →