Professor Miriam Posner’s class at UCLA. This class takes on this ques­tion by exam­ining other moments of big tech­no­log­ical change — film, tele­vi­sion, tele­phone — and comparing them to the way we talk about tech­nology today. We’ll also read the best writing about what it means to be a young adult in our current moment, and we’ll unpack the notions of “adoles­cence” and “young adult­hood,” which turn out to be histor­i­cally contin­gent cate­gories them­selves. Our goal is to develop a vocab­u­lary for talking about tech­no­log­ical and cultural change that accom­mo­dates the diver­sity and contin­gency of human expe­ri­ence. · Go to Selfies, snapchat & cyber­bul­lies: Coming of age online →