From NPR: Pay a visit to New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image to see its block­buster show Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men, and toward the end of the exhibit you will find a lonely kiosk. It’s easy to over­look — by the time you’ve waded through the throngs of muse­um­goers, and snaked your way through the lovingly preserved costumes and metic­u­lously recre­ated sets of Don Draper’s office and Betty Draper’s kitchen, this standee with a screen and two sets of dangling head­phones feels like an after­thought.

This modest display commem­o­rates the music of Mad Men — touch the screen and pick a song. Show creator Matthew Weiner will tell you why Mr. Acker Bilk’s “Stranger on the Shore,” a strangely sultry instru­mental by a British clar­inetist that happened to be Billboard’s No. 1 song of 1962, appeared on the show. Twice. · Go to A (nearly) compre­hen­sive guide to the music of ‘Mad Men’ →