From Brian Grazer at ChangeThis: Curiosity is an incred­ible tool. But what I real­ized, what really inspired my desire to write A Curious Mind with Charles Fishman, is that most people don’t use their curiosity with a sense of purpose and understanding—with insight about curiosity itself.

Curiosity is the key to under­standing people’s person­al­i­ties and moti­va­tions.

Curiosity is a vital story­telling tool—and story­telling is the best way to engage and persuade other people, in your work life and your personal life.

Curiosity is a fantastic source of courage.

Curiosity is the best, most under-used manage­ment tool—a great way to create engage­ment in your fellow works, but also a great way to transmit values and prior­i­ties.

Curiosity is the spark for creativity and inno­va­tion, the best long-term invest­ment you can make.

Curiosity is the best way to stay connected to those who are most impor­tant to you.

Curiosity, in fact, turns out to be a quiet super­power that all of us have. You don’t need an Ivy League educa­tion to use it, you don’t need a high-speed Internet connec­tion.

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