Throughout his long career, Brian Grazer has made a side­line prac­tice of infor­mally inter­viewing intriguing people from all walks of life. “For 35 years, I’ve been tracking down people about whom I was curious and asking if I could sit down with them for an hour,” he explains. These conver­sa­tions, and the moti­va­tions behind them, are explored in Grazer’s new book “A Curious Mind.” In it, the authors discuss the depths and poten­tial of curiosity and share the expe­ri­ences Grazer has had sitting down with Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Norman Mailer, Andy Warhol, Isaac Asimov and count­less others.

Whether these conver­sa­tions, and the human subjects involved, were hopeful, scary, inspiring, coura­geous, covert or comical, they were always illu­mi­nating; and Grazer hopes the book will spur others to begin asking more ques­tions. “Curiosity isn’t just imper­ti­nent, it’s insur­gent,” he says. “It’s revo­lu­tionary.” · Go to Brian Grazer: A Curious Mind →