From Vandelay Design: Color theory comprises the basic tech­niques of picking a matching color series. The colors you choose when designing your website can convey different thoughts and emotions about your brand, so it’s imper­a­tive you choose the right colors for your brand. For example, if you were building a website about top beaches in the U.S. verses if you were creating an online store that offered daily deals like Groupon, you’d want to use very different color combi­na­tions when designing each site since they convey differing messages – one site conveys relax­ation while the other conveys adren­a­line pumping excite­ment for getting an awesome deal.

This guide explores the subject of color rela­tive to web and graphic design. The infor­ma­tion is meant to be intro­duc­tory while also getting into more applic­able topics for digital designers. Advanced color theory is some­thing best learned through prac­tice rather than theory, but in order to improve, you have to start some­where. Along with helpful tips and ideas for designing with color, you’ll also find plenty of valu­able resources inter­spersed throughout the article. · Go to The ulti­mate guide to color theory for designers →