From WPHub: In today’s coding gener­a­tion, HTML is a very basic language. For that reason alone, I am going to call this a beginner’s tuto­rial on HTML and its use in Word­Press. There are several HTML tags that are vital for customizing content in a Word­Press blog. I will concen­trate on things that you cannot do with the WYSIWYG editor. The Word­Press WYSIWYG editor is the tool in the Word­Press admin that allows most Word­Press users to know little or no HTML code at all and still make a some­what decent looking blog post or page. However, if you know the basics of HTML that I will cover here, there are more content styling options avail­able to you when devel­oping a post or page in Word­Press. That’s why it is essen­tial to know a little HTML when adding content to your Word­Press blog or website. · Go to Essen­tial HTML editing for Word­Press →