From Knowl­edge @ Wharton: Inno­va­tion has become a buzz­word in busi­ness today, as new-product sales advan­tages so often flow from new designs or features. Think mobile phones, tablets, or even autos. But apart from product or service leaps, can inno­va­tion in the way a company conducts busi­ness give it a leg up? Research from Wharton manage­ment professor Raffi Amit and co-author Christoph Zott, a professor at IESE Busi­ness School in Barcelona, Spain, suggests that it can. In this Knowledge@Wharton inter­view, Amit covers the high­lights of a research paper titled, “Busi­ness Model Inno­va­tion: Creating Value in Times of Change.” The authors note: “Busi­ness model inno­va­tion … relies on recom­bining the existing resources of a firm and its part­ners, and it does not require signif­i­cant invest­ments in R&D.” · Go to The latest inno­va­tion: Redesigning the busi­ness model →