From Shawn Callahan at anec­dote: Imagine you’re in a meeting and one of your colleagues makes the bold state­ment, ‘We need a big initia­tive here. It’s really the only way to have an impact’.

Now, you know that small initia­tives can also spark big changes, but just disagreeing with your colleague is unlikely to change their mind, or anyone else’s. What you need to do is share a story about when a small thing made a differ­ence. But to do that you need to remember a busi­ness story.

Over the years, we’ve devel­oped a simple approach to remem­bering stories to retell on occa­sions such as this. It has two parts: the organic process and the story bank. · Go to 2 simple ways to help you remember a busi­ness story →