From Roger Schwarz: People on your team offer you gifts – not just at special occa­sions, but all year. These gifts aren’t tangible, and they’re not wrapped up in lovely boxes with beau­tiful bows. These gifts are nicely wrapped in a compli­ment, or, more often, not-so-nicely wrapped in a crit­i­cism or complaint. Effec­tive leaders open these gifts, regard­less of the wrap­ping, to learn what they are doing that’s nega­tively affecting others on their team. For example, when your boss says, “You did a great job on that presen­ta­tion,” the compli­ment is the wrap­ping. You can go past the wrap­ping and open the gift to learn more by saying some­thing like, “Thanks. I’m curious, what did I do that was great? I want to make sure to keep doing it.” · Go to Clumsy feed­back is a poorly wrapped gift →