From Knowledge@Wharton: As makers of our own destiny, we like to think that our choices are endless. And if we stay on track, we believe we should accom­plish our goals. However, the way we frame our choices can make a huge impact on how persis­tent we are on our chosen path.

Wharton marketing professor Rom Y. Schrift and Jeffrey R. Parker, a marketing professor at Georgia State Univer­sity, figured out that intro­ducing the option of doing absolutely nothing into a choice set will actu­ally help us perse­vere to reach our objec­tive. Their obser­va­tions on the nuances of choice archi­tec­ture are outlined in the forth­coming paper, “Staying the Course: The Option of Doing Nothing and Its Impact on Postchoice Persis­tence,” to be published in the journal Psycho­log­ical Science. · Go to How the option to do nothing can help you get things done →