From NY Times: Like many designers, Eric Roden­beck has had a long rela­tion­ship with bar graphs and pie charts. He just thinks they are a little old school for today’s data-filled world.

Mr. Roden­beck has exper­i­mented with anima­tion, three-dimen­sional maps that show the height of build­ings by color changes and a repre­sen­ta­tion of how photos spread on Face­book that looks like ice crys­tals forming on a car window. He’s even tried to char­ac­terize in a graphic how people were commu­ni­cating in back chan­nels at busi­ness confer­ences, with the biggest talkers at the center of a series of circles. He is, in short, trying to rethink how data is presented. · Go to A makeover for maps →