From the Font­Feed: The holiday season is merely a month away, so here’s another gift sugges­tion; this time not for reading but for hanging on your walls. Posterama is a small group focused on turning inspi­ra­tional quotes into typo­graphic art. Singa­pore-based cross-plat­form adver­tising creative and E-ntre­pre­neur Ranadip De, content curator for the collec­tion, explained it started primarily because he loved Rudyard Kipling’s If, but couldn’t find a decent poster of it. Since then their collec­tion has grown beyond visu­al­i­sa­tions of Kipling’s iconic poem and now includes various other posters, both typo­graphic and hand lettered. · Go to Posterama turns inspi­ra­tional quotes into letter art →