From Royal Society Publishing: The Egyptian state was formed prior to the exis­tence of veri­fi­able histor­ical records. Conven­tional dates for its forma­tion are based on the rela­tive ordering of arte­facts. This approach is no longer consid­ered suffi­cient for cogent histor­ical analysis. Here, we produce an absolute chronology for Early Egypt by combining radio­carbon and archae­o­log­ical evidence within a Bayesian para­digm. Our data cover the full trajec­tory of Egyptian state forma­tion and indi­cate that the process occurred more rapidly than previ­ously thought. We provide a time­line for the First Dynasty of Egypt of gener­a­tional-scale reso­lu­tion that concurs with prevailing archae­o­log­ical analysis and produce a chrono­metric date for the foun­da­tion of Egypt that distin­guishes between histor­ical esti­mates. · Go to An absolute chronology for early Egypt using radio­carbon dating and Bayesian statis­tical model­ling →