From Mind­Tools: This model was devel­oped by psychol­o­gist Dr. Tim Hart­nett and published his 2010 book “Consensus-Oriented Deci­sion-Making.” By using the model, you can get everyone in the group involved in devel­oping a solu­tion, so that each person feels owner­ship of the final deci­sion. This helps you build a more produc­tive, committed team.

The model also encour­ages people to come up with creative ideas without fear of being judged. This helps the group develops better solu­tions and make better deci­sions.

The model is most useful for complex projects and prob­lems, where you need to decide on the best way forward, and where the solu­tion to your problem isn’t clear. However, you can tailor it to a variety of other situ­a­tions as well. · Go to Hartnett’s Consensus-Oriented Deci­sion-Making model →