From Fortune: Not so long ago, conven­tional wisdom among neuro­sci­en­tists held that the human brain was doomed to dete­ri­o­rate with the passage of time, and there wasn’t much anyone could do about it. Instead, a raft of recent studies, aided by brain-imaging tech­nology, all point to a much different conclu­sion: Our grey matter can keep on regen­er­ating throughout life, producing new active cells all the time. “Your brain is a living and constantly devel­oping dense forest with billions of neurons and synapses,” says Alvaro Fernandez, founder and CEO of market research firm Sharp­Brains.

The emerging science of neuro­plas­ticity, which studies how our brains change and adapt, is revealing that, as with muscles, it’s a case of “use it or lose it,” he adds. “Once new neurons appear in your brain, where they stay and how long they survive depends on how you use them.” · Go to 5 ways to protect your brain, and boost your career →