From Marketing Profs: The result of this evolu­tion is that too many of our compa­nies sound just like all the others — and our audi­ences are habit­u­ated to the words they’re reading. Stephen Denning, the best-selling author of The Leader’s Guide to Story­telling, says “a revo­lu­tion in marketing thinking” is essen­tial. One of the reasons he sites is the fact that audi­ences are increas­ingly skep­tical about what they’re reading. Adver­tising has lost its cred­i­bility, and customers use the (uncon­trolled-by-us) web to get infor­ma­tion and solve prob­lems. · Go to No more techno-speak: Busi­nesses must commu­ni­cate like people do →