From Fast­Com­pany: As back­ground, culi­nary mind­ful­ness includes mindful eating along with mindful cooking, shop­ping, sharing, remem­bering, and even talking about food. The purpose is to build aware­ness of increasing well-being in all the food choices one makes, to accrue mental wealth from every aspect of one’s calo­ries. Adapting a model of flour­ishing devel­oped by posi­tive psychology, most specif­i­cally by Seligman in his recent book Flourish, culi­nary mind­ful­ness looks to 5 routes for devel­oping well-being: posi­tive emotions and plea­sures, rela­tion­ships, play and fun, meaning, and achieve­ment. · Go to Culi­nary mind­ful­ness and window­farms: 5 ways to increase well-being →