From Roger Schwarz: If your lead­er­ship team isn’t getting the results it needs, the cause may be your (and your team’s) mindset. Mindset is the set of core values and assump­tions from which you operate. It is your way of seeing that shapes your thoughts, feel­ings, and behavior.

The research and my more than thirty years working with leaders and their teams reveal that in even moder­ately chal­lenging situ­a­tions virtu­ally all leaders use a mindset that under­mines team results—what I call a “unilat­eral control” mindset. When you use a unilat­eral control mindset, you try to achieve your goals by control­ling the situ­a­tion. You try to influ­ence others to do what you want them to do while not being influ­enced by others. When you’re working with people who see things differ­ently from you, the essence of your mindset is simple: I under­stand the situ­a­tion, you don’t; I’m right, you’re wrong; I will win. · Go to How unilat­eral control under­mines team results and rela­tion­ships →