Graphic Arrays (2013) is about screen reso­lu­tions and aspect ratios and how these evolved over the laste decades. The left board is dedi­cated to more recent mobile vertical reso­lu­tion ending at iPad retina. The right board repre­sents the long history of desktop screen pixel sizes starting with the classic VGA (640x480) IBM stan­dard from 1987 till todays common 2560x1600 desktop monsters. It’s also fun to look up the top screen reso­lu­tions of Internet users for each year, some­times even sorted by country (which it was up to date). My first screen ever was a PAL 576x768 on a C64. Currently I am looking at 2560x1440 vast­ness. Of course the DPI(PPI) has increased immensely over the years, espe­cially with all the mobile screens recently. It feels weird to look at a 5:4 SXGA screen (1280x1024, my favorite!) today, almost portrait ration?!? At the same time when you cut a piece of paper in 16:9 format it looks super hori­zontal but we look at that ratio all day! · Go to Graphic Arrays, a collage by Aram Bartholl →