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Today’s world is ever-changing. Every day your customers are screening out more and more infor­ma­tion as they become over­whelmed and have less and less time.

Unfo­cused stories in the market­place are a disad­van­tage, espe­cially when customers have too many choices and too little time. And when customers are choosing between prod­ucts or services of similar quality and features.

Customer buying choices tend to be based on trust — requiring your company’s “promise” to be cred­ible, consis­tent and clear. Trust comes when you can consis­tently meet and beat the customer’s expec­ta­tions.

Research by Bain & Co. over the past decade has found that revenues of compa­nies with the highest levels of customer loyalty grew more than twice as fast as those of their competi­tors.” — Busi­ness Week, Dec. 26, 2006

We help you deliver your promise — how to get the atten­tion of the minds and hearts of your customers. We help you create customer expe­ri­ences that align with your company’s vision (busi­ness strategy) and your customers’ expe­ri­ence (the brand). And we help you design customer commu­ni­ca­tions that get through the increasing media clutter and speak with simplicity and clarity.

We do our work with you, devel­oping a diverse project team with a variety of comple­men­tary skills. Our posi­tive-infused approach helps open up your team’s thinking to reveal fresh perspec­tives. We help you step outside your orga­ni­za­tion — the poli­tics, the existing ways of behaving — and chal­lenge the assump­tions and patterns that limit thinking and listening.

For many compa­nies, trans­forming customers from passive buyers to fanatic evan­ge­lists is a seismic shift in thinking. Our collab­o­ra­tion tools improve your team’s ability to embrace the change and tran­si­tions that come as you adapt to your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Deliver a sustain­able, life-enhancing company — designing busi­ness that speaks to your world in unison. Contact us today.

Recent client challenges

  • How can we get everyone in the company behind our vision?”
  • How can we achieve a unified voice, look and feel with our commu­ni­ca­tions?”
  • The look and feel of our commu­ni­ca­tions fluc­tuate as exec­u­tives come and go.”
  • We’re no different from all our competi­tors. How do we get the public’s atten­tion?”

Our facilitation work

  • Align brand design and customer touch­points: adver­tising, Web site, customer service, product expe­ri­ence
  • Develop a combined customer plan: marketing, fundraising and public rela­tions
  • Create social networks and customer-created content (Web 2.0)
  • Use tech­nology to improve stake­holder commu­ni­ca­tions, Web usability testing
  • Improve customer expe­ri­ences


A collab­o­rator, truly invested in our company’s success… flex­ible, honest, concep­tual, orga­nized… Under­stands the many solu­tions possible for commu­ni­ca­tion and helps us choose the best solu­tion for impact and results.” — Client 360 feed­back