From Smashing Maga­zine: Layout, for both print and screen, is one of the most impor­tant aspects of graphic design. Designs that extend across multiple pages or screens, whether containing large or small amounts of type, must be care­fully controlled in a way that is enticing and is easy for all to access. Careful control of visual hier­archy is a key aspect of the design deci­sions we have to consider.
In this article, we will look at how frequently type needs to be broken down into different levels, such as topic, impor­tance and tone of voice. We will explore how this can be achieved visu­ally by relying on several things: texture and tone, seeing the designer as reader, combining type­faces, using color, employing multiple types and, of course, using the grid. Seeing the complex­i­ties that can be expressed through typog­raphy is fasci­nating — not to say that images cannot help to order content, but simply that the most signif­i­cant elements are expressed typo­graph­i­cally. · Go to Creating exciting and unusual visual hier­ar­chies →