From Knowledge@Wharton: In a world focused on increased produc­tivity and instant grat­i­fi­ca­tion, it’s hard to imagine that busi­ness­people have much time for medi­ta­tion. But huge corpo­ra­tions — including Google, Monsanto, Hearst and National Grid –have discov­ered the bene­fits of medi­ta­tion at work, including improved team­work, more effec­tive deci­sion-making and lower levels of employee stress. In this inter­view with Knowledge@Wharton, Mirabai Bush, co-founder of the Center for Contem­pla­tive Mind in Society, spoke with Katherine Klein, vice dean of Wharton’s Social Impact Initia­tive, about the bene­fits of contem­pla­tive thinking. · Go to Why mind­ful­ness and medi­ta­tion are good for busi­ness →