From September Industry: These images were previ­ously seen in OK-RM’s port­folio (they designed these pieces at North prior to setting up OK-RM), but they were taken down a few years back to make way for new work and now, their new site (a proper feature will come soon).

Never­the­less, many of you who know North well will see these images a think to your­self: “legendary work, brings back good memo­ries,” but many of you who are either new to SI and/or North will not be familiar with this work at all, and that is one of the reasons why I decided to go ahead with this new series in the first place – design this good needs to be appre­ci­ated by all, it shouldn’t stay locked away in a computer folder and admired by a select few. · Go to North’s time­less work for the Barbican →