From Big Think: How do we opti­mize our brains in the Age of Connec­tivity? Do we need to use up valu­able space remem­bering infor­ma­tion that we can easily access on a hand­held device? Have we already learned to opti­mize our brains without knowing it? We have indeed, according to a study published in the Journal of Science by a team led by Betsy Sparrow at Columbia.

Sparrow’s study demon­strated that people who thought they would have access to Google didn’t end up remem­bering infor­ma­tion as well as people who thought they would not have infor­ma­tion at their finger­tips. So is Google truly making us stupid? Not exactly. The people who antic­i­pated having access to Google remember how to find it. In other words, they used their memory more as a retrieval mech­a­nism than as a big storage dump.  · Go to How to use Google like Sher­lock Holmes →