This site is dedi­cated to providing you with a wide range of illus­tra­tions scanned from old books. Most of these vintage pictures are orig­i­nally wood engrav­ings or wood­cuts, fewer are etch­ings or metal engrav­ings; visi­tors looking for nine­teenth century or victo­rian clipart might just find it here. You are welcome to use our pictures in your school or educa­tional projects, as well as in your artwork or in your scrap­book; you can also use them to make CD sleeves, banners or any part of a website. According to the copy­right laws in many coun­tries, all illus­tra­tions in our galleries belong to the public domain and as such, they are free to use for personal or commer­cial purpose. They are suit­able, for instance, for graphic designers to use without the need of any prior autho­riza­tion. · Go to Old Book Illus­tra­tions: pictures scanned from old books →