From Dream­Grow: Since first hitting the scene merely two years ago, Pinterest has quickly become the new darling of the social media world. The service allows users to quickly share images gleaned from across the web with their friends, making “boards” that contain images fitting within a certain cate­gory. Pinterest has proven to be an immensely addic­tive pastime for some users, many of whom routinely spend hours using the service. In addi­tion to these users, however, Pinterest has also become a hot spot for busi­ness profes­sionals. The struc­ture of the social media service makes it perfect for marketers who would like to promote their brand. By sharing images that are tied to a partic­ular theme, or in this case, a product line or service, brands can get their name out there and encourage users to interact with their content. · Go to Tips for using Pinterest for brand promo­tion →