From Fast­Com­pany: Research consul­tancy Lati­tude recently released phase one of a two-part study titled “The Future of Story­telling” that looks to uncover trends and audi­ence atti­tudes about content. Overall, the study revealed that audi­ences are looking for a blur­ring of barriers between content and reality in a layered yet cohe­sive execu­tion. The company asked “early adopters” around the world how they wanted to expe­ri­ence stories and asked them to rein­vent some of today’s well-known stories accord­ingly (according to the company, early adopters are “people in over 10 coun­tries who are more likely to own smart­phones, tablets or both; who are already more likely to seek out content through multiple avenues; and who are more likely to be aware of the possi­bil­i­ties that the Internet and emerging tech­nolo­gies present”). · Go to The future of story­telling: Immer­sion, inte­gra­tion, inter­ac­tivity, impact →