From Margaret Wheatley and Geoff Crinean in Leader to Leader Journal: Orga­ni­za­tions today suffer from a severe disability when it comes to solving prob­lems. In virtu­ally every orga­ni­za­tion, regard­less of mission and func­tion, people are frus­trated by prob­lems that seem unsolv­able. Attempts to resolve a problem often result in unin­tended conse­quences that dwarf the orig­inal. Rela­tion­ships worsen as people harden into opposing posi­tions, each side insisting on its own solu­tion, unwilling to consider alter­na­tives. Too many problem-solving sessions become battle­grounds where deci­sions are made based on power rather than intel­li­gence. · Go to Trans­forming aggres­sion into creative problem solving →