From Leader to Leader Journal: The word revo­lu­tion has many different mean­ings. We often use the word to repre­sent polit­ical revo­lu­tions. And then there are techno-economic-cultural revo­lu­tions such as the Indus­trial Revo­lu­tion, where in many ways virtu­ally every­thing about society shifted—the nature of the economy, core tech­nolo­gies, how people lived, where people lived, and how they saw the world around them. But while the Indus­trial Revo­lu­tion vaulted society dramat­i­cally forward in many ways, it also put us on a path that is so funda­men­tally contra­dic­tory to nature — both the nature of living systems in general and human nature — that it can’t possibly continue. It is not sustain­able. · Go to Peter Senge: The neces­sary revo­lu­tion →