From Leader to Leader Journal: In the past 5 years, corpo­rate leaders have talked more about learning and devel­op­ment than in the previous 50. But the discus­sion inspires frus­tra­tion as well as hope. Senior exec­u­tives invari­ably want to know, “How do I build a learning orga­ni­za­tion?” It is the most frequent ques­tion I am asked, but it is the wrong ques­tion, for two reasons. First, it implies that the pres­i­dent or CEO can single­hand­edly make changes in an organization’s genetic code. Second, it suggests that building a learning orga­ni­za­tion (and learning itself) involves a defin­i­tive formula rather than an ongoing process. · Go to Peter Senge: The ecology of lead­er­ship →