From Margaret Wheatley in Leader to Leader Journal: Inno­va­tion has always been a primary chal­lenge of lead­er­ship. Today we live in an era of such rapid change and evolu­tion that leaders must work constantly to develop the capacity for contin­uous change and frequent adap­ta­tion, while ensuring that iden­tity and values remain constant. They must recog­nize people’s innate capacity to adapt and create — to inno­vate.

In my own work I am constantly and happily surprised by how impos­sible it is to extin­guish the human spirit. People who had been given up for dead in their orga­ni­za­tions, once condi­tions change and they feel welcomed back in, find new energy and become great inno­va­tors. My ques­tions are: How do we acknowl­edge that everyone is a poten­tial inno­vator? How can we evoke the innate human need to inno­vate? · Go to Inno­va­tion means relying on everyone’s creativity →