From Big Think: Jonah Lehrer’s new post at The New Yorker details some worrying research on cogni­tion and thinking through biases, indi­cating that “intel­li­gence seems to make

[such] things worse.” This is because, as Richard West and colleagues concluded in their study, “people who were aware of their own biases were not better able to over­come them.” Being smarter does not make you better at tran­scending unjus­ti­fied views and bad beliefs, all of which natu­rally then play into your life. Smarter people are better able to narrate them­selves, inter­nally, out of incon­sis­ten­cies, blun­ders and obvious fail­ures at ratio­nality, whereas they would prob­ably be highly crit­ical of others who demon­strated similar blun­ders. · Go to The dangers of being smart →