From Shaina at Forty: If you’ve ever had to endure the pain of reading a typical mission state­ment, it prob­ably included a bunch of dry and mean­ing­less babble about “increasing share­holder value” or “providing the best customer service around.” That’s not a purpose. It’s not what drives them to get up in the morning, guides their deci­sions, or inspires their tribe. It’s what the CEO or board thought would sound good during their annual strategy meeting.
Purpose is powerful because it causes every­thing else to make a lot more sense. You no longer have to delib­erate your goals for the next few years or the concept for your next campaign. You don’t have to figure out what qual­i­ties you’re looking for in a new employee or how to train them to do their job right. You don’t even have to think twice about how you should handle that really angry call from a customer you’ve been avoiding. Why not? Because the path is illu­mi­nated for you when you’re driven by a deeper purpose. · Go to Finding your purpose →