From Tim Leberecht at Fast Company: As busi­ness leaders speak of the “Human Age” and claim that capi­talism is being replaced by “talentism”–defined as access to talent as a key resource and differentiator–many compa­nies have embarked on initia­tives to “unleash their human poten­tial.” Those are big words and noble ambi­tions, and natu­rally they seem worth striving for. But as one of the hosts of a hackathon in San Fran­cisco this weekend, which invites devel­opers, designers, and other creative minds to “rein­vent busi­ness,” I have been wondering: What is a “human” busi­ness, anyway? · Go to 5 keys to building a busi­ness that doesn’t bury the humans at its core →