Devel­oped by AIGA, this insightful e-book by Andrea Marks is designed to help people who think in pictures—a segment of learners that by some esti­mates includes almost 30 percent of the population—gain skills and confi­dence in their writing abil­i­ties. It takes full advan­tage of its rich media format with a wealth of images and links to arti­cles, books, websites, blogs, wikis, video and audio podcasts. Written with the visual thinker in mind, Marks offers a feast for the eyes—from Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch­books to video of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road scroll—adding depth and dimen­sion to the written word and encour­aging readers to explore their thoughts and ideas in text. Writing for Visual Thinkers approaches the craft of writing from many direc­tions, all with the ulti­mate goal of unblocking the reader’s verbal poten­tial. Both exper­i­mental and prag­matic, Marks’s methods will result in stronger, more verbally confi­dent artists and designers. · Go to Writing for visual thinkers: A guide for artists and designers →