From Forrester: Because customer expe­ri­ence is a fairly new busi­ness disci­pline, many customer expe­ri­ence profes­sionals aren’t sure what to focus on, how to struc­ture their programs, or how the chal­lenges they face compare with what others are dealing with. This report is designed to give customer expe­ri­ence pros a market overview of the state of the prac­tice against which to compare their own efforts in devel­oping an expe­ri­ence-driven orga­ni­za­tion. If that compar­ison shows gaps, the data can also help prac­ti­tioners make the case for added invest­ment to keep up with what others in the market­place are doing. · Go to The state of customer expe­ri­ence, 2012 →