From Chad Bauman: Healthy arts orga­ni­za­tions have equally robust campaigns focused on new acqui­si­tion and reten­tion, and increas­ingly we are focusing on improving the overall life­time value of our customers. For those with reten­tion prob­lems, I would still advise spending a majority of your resources reducing attri­tion before launching costly acqui­si­tion campaigns. There is nothing worse than spending a signif­i­cant amount of resources enticing new patrons in the front door while your current customer base runs out the back door. And from a finan­cial perspec­tive, that is one of the easiest ways to sink the ship.

That said, if attri­tion and renewal rates are within the range of industry stan­dards, more than likely it is time to concen­trate on acqui­si­tion. Here are a couple of thoughts. · Go to Purposeful acqui­si­tion →