We’re a commu­nity of profes­sionals who collab­o­rated on a book that teaches simple, powerful ways to define and rein­vent “personal busi­ness models.” Our key tool is the single-page Busi­ness Model Canvas, the subject of Busi­ness Model Gener­a­tion, the global best­seller created by Alexander Oster­walder, Yves Pigneur, Alan Smith, Patrick Van der Pijl, and Tim Clark, all founding members of this Forum. Members enjoy access to blank Canvases, Forum discus­sions, and all other mate­rials on the BMY site, plus the ability to find like-minded colleagues among our 1,200 + members. · Go to Busi­ness Model You: A one-page method for rein­venting your career →