From John Caddell at 99%: Compa­nies and indi­vid­uals go to great lengths to avoid mistakes. Motorola’s Six Sigma manage­ment strategy has spread beyond its roots in indus­trial process control to give managers the illu­sion that they can “mistake-proof” sales processes, marketing activ­i­ties and creative work. When we inevitably do make a mistake, we act like someone trip­ping on a crack in a side­walk – we move on as fast as we can and hope no one notices.

But if we think about where mistakes can take us, it’s to the margins, to the unknown, the unex­plored – the area beyond Sigmas. And what can we learn there? We can see that some of our cher­ished assump­tions are invalid, and that there are oppor­tu­ni­ties we never imag­ined. · Go to Trip­ping into Terra Incog­nita: How mistakes take us to new places →